Search Engine Optimisation IconThe term search engine optimisation (SEO) defines the method of maximising the relevance of a website or web page for a specific keyword or phrase in a search engines’ organic search results. Therefore, by analysing particular trends pertinent to your target market and employing various search engine optimisation techniques, both on-page and off-page, it is possible to increase the importance and rank of any given page for it’s related search terms and consequently affect the order in which certain pages or, indeed, a whole site is listed within it’s particular field.
Typically this can be defined by three processes:

  1. Search Related Keyword Analysis
  2. Website On-page Optimisation
  3. Off-page Optimisation / Link Building
Social Media Marketing IconSocial Media Marketing now plays a vital role in the active promotion of small and large businesses alike and as an SEO Consultancy firm we believe it is  growing in importance in its influence  upon site ranking and therefore that is  now an essential element for online success; regardless of the market you are in.
Firstly, it will create a public awareness of the variety of services and products you have to offer, helping you to quickly build your brand identity and secondly, it will drive more traffic to your site, resulting in increased sales volume and profitability for your business.
The simplest way to view social media marketing is by the following:

  1. Publication – to promote your identity
  2. Distribution – to share good information
  3. Association – to establish a community
Small Business SEO IconSmall Business SEO is all about search engine optimisation for the local business. With many of the recent changes that Google has brought into effect, it would appear that the larger search engines are trying to group search results around a specific geographical location, thereby making it easier for the consumer to compare the results and make an informed decision about the business that is best for their requirements. This is especially apparent in the area of Google’s organic search results which now displays both local and organic results on the same page.
The impotant areas for Small Business SEO are:

  1. Google Places listing
  2. Citations or references
  3. Customer Reviews
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  Welcome To Alpha SEO Consultancy!


SEO Consultancy FirmSEO Consultancy Service

As a small Devon based SEO Consultancy firm, we are primarily focused on helping local businesses to establish a viable online presence and to dominate their particular sector of the market. In order to achieve this, we offer a very individual seo consultancy service that analyses the specific requirements that you, the client, have and creates a bespoke package that will meet those needs and ultimately serve you best, in accordance with your budget. Alternatively, you can choose from our selection of fixed SEO Consultancy packages which have been designed to cater for both short and long-term seo campaigns or select from one of the additional services we have to offer.

Our SEO Service – An Overview

Our service begins with an analysis of your market; identifying the principle search terms or keywords that are most relevant to you and looking in depth at your main competitors for those terms. We will then provide you with a report outlining the areas that need improvement and our recommendations for you to achieve this.

Web Design vs SEO Consultancy

If you currently have a web site but do not feature in any relevant organic or local searches, then it is very likely that you could significantly benefit from any of the optimisation services that we have to offer; whether it’s to optimise and revamp your current site; or get you connected to the world of social media, with a facebook fanpage; or perhaps its a case of raising your current profile in the local market with Google Places; we are confident that our SEO Consultancy packages can help make the difference and develop your online business.


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Although our SEO Consultancy Packages are very comprehensive our expertise also allows us to offer the following additional Local SEO Services.

WordPress Site

We are aware that some local businesses may not have embarked upon the process of marketing their company on the internet. Consequently, we offer a limited service to build and optimise a WordPress Site, in order to help to establish this.

LinkedIn Optimisation

There are many ways that LinkedIn can help you to expand your current business, both by staying in touch with your existing customers or reaching out to new ones. We can help you to optimise your profile and make it easier for you to grow your network.

Mobile Ready Site

With the advent of Smart Phones more and more of your people are accessing the web whilst on the move rather than from a pc; possbily as many as 25% of your potential customers. At Alpha SEO Consultancy we can help you to reach this growing sector of your target market.


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If you would like to add further options to one of our standard SEO Packages or would like to discuss the option of a tailored SEO Package based upon more specific requirements or budget considerations then please e-mail or call us on 07837 290718