Additional Local SEO Services That We Currently Offer

Although our SEO Consultancy Packages are very comprehensive our expertise also allows us to offer the following additional Local SEO Services.

WordPress Site Design

We are aware that some local businesses may not have embarked upon the process of marketing their company on the internet. Consequently, we offer a limited service to design, build and optimise a WordPress Site, in order to help to establish this. Furthermore, it seems that Google is placing more and more importance on the need to have a business website (no matter how simple) to the extent… Continue reading

How is Small Business SEO Relevant in the Light of the Recent Changes to Organic Searches?

Small Business SEO is all about search engine optimisation for the local business. With many of the recent changes that Google has brought into effect, it would appear that the larger search engines, especially Google are trying to group search results around a specific geographical location, thereby making it easier for the consumer to compare the results and make an informed decision about the business that is best for their requirements. This is especially apparent in the area of Google’s organic search results which… Continue reading

Our Search Engine Optimisation Services range from our Bronze (Standard) Package, which is designed for those businesses that are relatively new to the arena of online marketing and just wish to sample the benefits of SEO marketing, to our Gold (Premium) Package, for those larger businesses who are looking for a high-end search engine optimisation service and need to compete in a more competitive market. All of the search engine optimisation services we offer cover everything from the initial analysis and on-page optimisation to a widespread off-page optimisation, submitting your site to between one and three thousand directories, social bookmarking… Continue reading

How Significant is the Role of Social Media Marketing For Businesses Today?

Social Media Marketing now plays a vital role in the active promotion of small and large businesses alike and as an SEO Consultancy irm we believe it is  growing in importance in its influence upon site ranking and therefore an essential element for online success. Firstly, it will create an awareness of the services and products you have to offer, helping you to quickly build your brand identity and secondly, it will drive more traffic to your site, resulting in increased sales volume and profitability for your business.… Continue reading

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

The term search engine optimisation (SEO) defines the method of maximising the relevance of a website or web page for a specific keyword or phrase in a search engines’ organic search results. Therefore, by analysing particular trends pertinent to your target market and employingvarious search engine optimisation techniques, both on-page and off-page, it is possible to increase the importance and rank of any given page for it’s related search terms and consequently affect the order in which certain pages or, indeed, a whole site is listed within it’s particular field or niche.

Typically this can… Continue reading

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