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The term search engine optimisation (SEO) defines the method of maximising the relevance of a website or web page for a specific keyword or phrase in a search engines’ organic search results. Therefore, by analysing particular trends pertinent to your target market and employingvarious search engine optimisation techniques, both on-page and off-page, it is possible to increase the importance and rank of any given page for it’s related search terms and consequently affect the order in which certain pages or, indeed, a whole site is listed within it’s particular field or niche.

Typically this can be defined by three processes:

  1. Keyword Analysis of relevant search terms
  2. On-page Optimisation of content and structure
  3. Off-page Optimisation or Link Building

Keyword Analysis

The foundation for any internet marketing campaign or search engine optimisation is in the initial keyword analysis because without the proper research everything else that you do will be at best, an uphill struggle and at worst, an entirely fruitless process. So what is keyword research? In simple terms it is an analysis of the principle words and phrases that people are using to search for your specific market or related product and a determination as to which of those words and phrases will be most profitable and present the greatest opportunity for success. Again, keyword analysis can be split up into 3 categories:

  1. High Search Value – Unless potential customers are already searching for it, there is no point in trying to rank for it!
  2. Moderate Direct Competition – The more competitors you have to beat, the harder the task and the longer the campaign.
  3. Specific Buying Keywords – Keyword phrases are more targeted than single words and often indicate a readiness to purchase.

Once a thorough analysis has been performed and a comprehensive list of relevant keywords has been produced these will form the basis of the on-page optimistation.

On-page Optimisation

When a search engine spider crawls your site it looks for certain indicators concerning the subject matter and content around which your site is constructed. It may sound obvious but the more of these indicators a site has, in relation to a specific keyword, the more relevant the search engine deems your site to be for this search term. Although not every search engine places the same emphasis on the same factors within a web page, there are many factors that all seem to consider important and these are easily determined by simply analysing the sites that rank highest for the keywords that you wish to target. For search engine optimisation, as a general rule of thumb, a good quality site that is highly specific to the relevant keyword phrase should have a significant number of indicators that the search bots are looking for. It’s then just a case of tweaking the on-page optimisation to make it more favourable to the various search engines and to ensure that you have a site that is worthy of that prized #1 position.

Off-page Optimisation

Although your site might already have been built and indexed by the search engines, believe it or not, your search engine optimisation is far from complete. In fact some would say that it’s only just begun. Aside from the on-page indicators, search engines (especially Google) place as much importance on a kind of "social awareness" of your site on the internet as a whole and therefore, a great deal of weight is placed upon who and how many others are pointing or are "linked" to you. Furthermore, the more related the links and the sites that are linking to your keywords, the more it serves to emphasise the authority and importance of your site for those particular search terms. Therefore, the third and final stage of search engine optimisation is the marketing of your website on the internet to raise it’s profile for your specific market related keyword phrases, the result of which is a network of prominent sites incorporated into a link structure (or web) with your site at the very centre.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

Over the last 12 months the role of social media marketing in search engine optimisation has greatly increased. especially with the new search algorithms that came into effect in early 2011. This now means that for those involved in search engine optimisation and internet marketing as a whole, there is now a need to expand into these relatively new but rapidly expanding arenas.

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